5 Christmas gifts your lady actually wants

It’s getting closer to one of the busiest season of the year. Everybody is in a hurry of buying stuffs to decorate their house, children are excited to get their gifts, girls and women are also waiting for the surprise from their partners. In this article, we focus on suggesting you what to get your wife for Christmas, what to give your girlfriend a suitable gift for the season.

Women and girls are emotional type of people. Whatever type of gift you give them, just put some loving and caring, it will touch their hearts. Below are some gift ideas to warm up your lover for the cold occasion:

Photo album or Frame:

You can easily find a Photo frame at a bookstore, a gift shop or any mall and store, choose the color she likes, print out the best photo of you and her or your family, then wrap it and give it to her. It will be more touching if you could make a frame yourself.

For a photo album, print out the best photos with the happiest moments you shared together, put them into the album in time order, and give it to her. Memories are priceless.


Buying jewelries for a girl or a lady is a very lovely and romantic thing to do. A bracelet with a beautiful quote, a necklace with her name or something meaningful to you and her on the pendant, a white gold ring or silver ring, an anklet, a gold or silver chain, anything you find attractive and gorgeous for your woman.


Lovely scents bring beautiful feeling and expression. Each scent shows different personality and style. Make her day special by giving her a little bottle of perfume is a good idea for Christmas gift. Do not buy the scent you want, buy the smell a lady usually loves, in particular, it is your lady.


There are millions models of wrist watch and lots of colors and materials. This may confuse you a lot, first try to visit some most well-known brand, ask for assistance of the most up-to-date model may help you to have the best one for your lady.


Buying dress seems to be an easy thing to do, however, you must know the size of your lady, her body shape, her favorite color and style. You can surprise her by a classic elegant dress from a famous brand, or simply take her to the store to pick what she wants.

Still confusing?Check this post for more gift ideas for your wife this christmas 2016.



Air fryer review: Great Ideas for daily cooking recipes.

Every product needs a review to give consumer a clearer picture of its benefits, fuctions or technologies. In this review, we list out what you can cook with this stunning convenient machine. A cooking gadget takes you to a new era of eating fried food: no extra calories, no risk of high cholesterol, stroke, heart diseases or any kinds of diseases caused by consuming too much fat.

Normally, some of the very first recipies come to your mind would be: French fries, fried chicken, potato chips. However,air fryer brings you a lot more than that.


Bread toast, French toast roll-ups, French bacon, Cheese pizza, Sea-food pizza, Croissant with ham, mushroom and egg, Rosemary chicken with sweet potato fries, Chocolate cherry pound cake, Air-fry herbal chicken with purple sweet potato, Air-fried avocado fries, Chicken with honey beer sauce, Crispy garlic ginger chicken, Meyer lemon roast chicken, Crunchy coconut chicken fingers with peach honey mustard, Orange Sriracha grilled chicken, Coconut shrimp with orange-chili dipping sauce.


Baked egg in avocado net, Vegetable spring rolls, Crumbed fish, Potato Wedges, Sweet and crispy chicken wings, Cheesy chicken and Broccoli Puffs, Orange chicken, Lemon chicken thigh, Chicken stuffed with cheese and paprika, Roasted cauliflower, Airfried garlic chicken, Grilled chili chicken skewers with cilantro lime pesto, Sweet and sour pork in the actifry, Indian spiced roast chicken, Onion rings, Spicy crunchy chicken wap, Lemongrass wings, Baked garlic brown sugar chicken.


Hot ham and cheese party rolls, crispy pork belly, Sausage and cheese breakfast casserole, Baked egg boats, Baked eggs with tomatoes and feta cheese, Cilantro lime chicken, Honey Balsamic grilled chicken and vegetables, air-fried Prawn paste chicken, Cracker barrel copycat, Crispy coconut chicken with spicy honey orange sauce, Grilled Prawns served with garlic cream sauce.


Cheesy biscuit cups, Hash brown crust, Cinnamon and sugar doughnuts, Chocolate Profiteroles, Strawberry Cupcakes With Creamy Strawberry Frosting, Soft and creamy chocolate cookie dough,  Mini Apple Pie, Mini Pumpkin Pie Delights, Shortbread Fingers, Snickerdoodle poppers, Apple pie Fries, Pecan pie, Cinnamon toasts, Pumpkin pie egg rolls, Applie pie filo pastries, German pancake bies, Apple fritter, Apple dumplings, Banana chips, Carrot cake with creamy cheese, BBQ potato chips, Punjabi samosa, Molten chocolate lava cakes, Thermofun, Fried mashed potatoes, Garlic parmesan kettle chips, Minty cream, Crunchy baked carrot chips, Shortbread chocolate balls, Fried banana S’mores, Salmon cakes with garlic and dill pickle dips.

We hope that through this air fryer review, it is now much easier for your cooking ideas everyday.